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"My house is very close to the park."

March 27, 2013



Why is it 'La porto è vicinO qui' in one example, but 'Casa mia è molto vicinA al parco' in this example. Is 'vicino qui' an expression in itself so you don't change 'vicino' to agree in number or gender with the noun?


Hi Koolkaren,

Good catch: is the sentence you're referring to "il porto è qui vicino"? Vicino functions as both an adverb and an adjective. The adjective does change with gender and number:

  • Siamo vicini a casa/we're close to home
  • La piazza non è vicina/the square is not close

But the adverb does not:

  • Abitiamo vicino a voi/we live close to you
  • Loro dormono vicino alla finestra/they sleep close to the window

Get this... it can even be a noun:

  • Lui è il mio vicino di casa/he is my neighbor
  • I miei vicini sono sposati/my neighbors are married
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