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Glitch in Immersion

Doing translation or editing in Immersion is - on my computer - flighty. If I try to check a word's meaning, the box I'm working in vanishes; when I do type in the translation box, the possibility of hovering for checking a word's meaning vanishes. Very frustrating because it takes forever to complete even a short sentence.

April 30, 2014



I'm running Windows 7, using Firefox, have WI connection. The problem only occurs in Immersion. Lessons and posting in Discussion cause no problems.


Just saying, it works fine on my Mac, which is a late 2013 256GB 13in MacBook air with 8GB of RAM memory in it, running the latest version of Mavericks and using Safari. I'll probably make some updates which make my device glitchy too... or you can look for some one else with the same problem. Also, try using a different mouse or USB trackpad. It keeps accidental clicks. Go and buy an ergonomic mouse if you're comfortable! I use this trackpad, and a friend of mine uses a logitech nano-compatible right hander mouse.

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