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Levels Too Easy for Numbers

Hi. Not sure if this has been addressed somewhere else already, but for example in the Chinese course, if I try to progress in the category 'Numbers' it just never really get's more challenging. It seems to be asking me the same questions over and over again, whilst never increasing the difficulty. I'm not sure what the point of that is. Sometimes I just do it to get easy XP for the day, but it's not really a good incentive, as I don't feel I'm learning anything by doing that.

For example I'm at Level 4 now, and the hardest thing it will ask me is 800 yuan, and that's it. But what does 'neng' mean for example or 'me'? I only have to match the pinyin to the character, but that's it, it never asks me to translate it. I never have to do something like 843 yuan.

July 15, 2018



Inside Man, I am having the opposite problem. I can't figure out the characters for seven and eight. The other numbers are posted over my computer. Since Chinese is the most spoken language in the world, I want to know enough to bargain in the markets when I get there again. Just don't give up. If billions of people can do it, so can you. Have si ingots for your current level. Love , Cat

ps I don't know how to put the accent above the i. Oops!


If I recall it correctly, big numbers and other interesting details are added in lesson "Payment 1", so you might want to push through it.

Having said that, there is no point in doing the same lesson over and over again once you mastered it.. just use the "test-level" feature to quickly push it to level 5 and leave it behind.

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