Translation:We do not want to walk today.

5 months ago



"do not" and "don't" are the same thing Duolingo!

1 month ago


The meaning "We do not want to walk today" is a different meaning than the previous "stroll" and "hike." Be consistent.

5 months ago

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I'm not a native Spanish speaker, but my understanding is that pasear is "to stroll," pasearse "to walk about," dar un paseo "go for a walk/stroll"; pasear is also used for walking the dog. Caminar is more for just walk and is close to andar. It's important to learn the particular Spanish idioms that have "to go" in them in English but are sometimes without ir in Spanish. Sometimes a Spanish idiom with a verb for "walking" is just different from English, e.g., ando buscando, "I'm looking for." Computer generated translations will not always capture every nuance, so DL should be considered a practice tool to supplement other forms of language acquisition.

4 weeks ago
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