"Staráme se o tvou ženu a tvůj dům."

Translation:We take care of your wife and your house.

July 15, 2018

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This sounds creepy ahahaha


Also, what would be the most common "Slang" for this phrase? Tvoje?


Staráme se o tvojí ženu a dům.

If you want to make this even more "slang" then it's "Staráme se o tvoji ženskou a dům." Note that the word "ženská" might offense some women as it's unrespectful because it kind of gives the feel that she is annoying or useless.


That's not slang but Common Czech.

And 'tvá/tvoje' are interchangeable even in Standard Czech.


The husband is on military assignment and his family is helping out.


Why not "We are taking care of....."?


That is accepted. You must report the complete sentence. Use the report button to report missing translations.


I wrote tvoj instead of tvůj and it was an error, but sometimes the program would accept even worse "misprintings". I'm just wondering what it depands on?


Hard to say, it seems to be varying in time. And even different users might be subject to different algorithms at the same time due to some A/B tests.

The rule of thumb is that if the typo word actually exists, it is an error. But other than that the result is unpredictable.


Thnx for your kind reply but "tvoj" excists in Sloveniac or in Russian but in Czech excists only tvůj or tvoje but not in that exact combination of letters, so I guess it's not an issue here

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