"For meg" or "til meg"?

I'm currently trying to learn Norwegian and for the moment I found the use of prepositions quite difficult and do not always get how to know which one I should rather use. Actually, the use of "til" and "for" confuses me a lot.

As far as I know "for" literally means "for" and "til" usually is like "to" in English. But there are (quite a few) exceptions and it cannot always be literally translated (which is something I totally get). However, to say "for me" I found both "til meg" and "for meg" and would like to know if both are equal (or if one is more commonly used than the other etc).

In case it is not clear, here are two examples :

Det er en fantastisk dag til meg or Det er en fantastisk dag for meg

Han lager middag til meg or Han lager middag for meg

Thanks in advance :)

7/15/2018, 6:40:57 PM

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"Det er en fantastisk dag for meg" er korrekt. "Han lager middag til meg"= He makes dinner for me to eat. "Han lager middag for meg"= He makes dinner instead of me making dinner.

7/15/2018, 7:57:05 PM

Then, is "Det er en fantastisk dag til meg" incorrect?

For the second sentence, is there any way one could guess the different meanings? I do not really get it...

7/15/2018, 10:47:50 PM

"Det er en fantastisk dag til meg." is incorrect because the word "til" in norwegian is only used with nouns and adjectives.

I am not entirely sure about this, though I can't think of any other ways, that "til" would be grammatically correct. Its not really the sort of thing they teach us in school, it just comes with learning the language. But seeing as I am norwegian, I am almost certain that those are the rules. Hope this helped clear it up.

7/16/2018, 11:55:54 PM
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