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"¿Puedo usar estos veintinueve pesos?"

Translation:Can I use these twenty-nine pesos?

1 month ago


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Huh? As opposed to some other 29 pesos? And "use?" Use how? Wouldn't you normally ask to have them, or borrow them? Another odd sentence.

1 month ago


It is a weird construction in the abstract, but if you think of it in the context of a conversation, it's not so strange: "We don't have much money left to spend today... Can I use these 29 pesos?" or at a parking meter or valet or something. I've definitely asked my girfriend "can I use this 5?" When a pizza delivery comes and I need a tip.

Still, weird.

2 weeks ago


why does the sentence use estos when you know pesos is masculine?

6 days ago