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  5. "It is a chair."

"It is a chair."

Translation:É uma cadeira.

March 27, 2013



Well.... in portuguese we say cadeiras (chairs) using the letter i, but some ppl just dont pronounce this letter, so it sounds like caderas. Hips in portuguese is quadril, but we also refer to that as cadeiras too but that hardly ever happen. Sometimes we use that with animals, example "o cachorro quebrou as cadeiras" (the dog broke his hips)


Entendo... obrigada!


Can someone help me out with the vocab confusion here just out of curiosity - what are hips in portuguese? I keep mixing up the Spanish "caderas" hips with cadeira chair. Thanks!


You can say "cadeira" for hips too. Although the most common word for this is cintura. There is a famous song about this, it's "Heloisa, mexe a cadeira" by Vinny. He plays with the two senses of the word cadeira.



thank you so much - I wanna find Portuguese music :)


Translation of chair offered is only "presido" :D Cadeira was not an option.

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