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Ukrainian does not use accent marks! How can I get this message to the right people?

I have hit the hobbies and occupations sections of this course and I am at an impasse. The Ukrainian Language and keyboard doesn’t support accent marks. I have tried reporting these lessons through the iOS app and that does not appear to be doing anything either. I would like to continue to use this platform but I can’t complete these lessons because it is marking my correct translations wrong.

Someone should fix this. The lessons have been super useful up until now.


July 15, 2018



Everybody who's hit those lessons has hit the same problem I think.

Scroll the Ukrainian forum, and you'll see it's full of complaints about this.

Here's one where a contributor replied (and fixed the issue presented, or at least so they thought): https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/27232966

Maybe posting exactly what word you encountered this issue with there will help, particularly in case they have e-mail notifications on but don't check the forum often.

In lieu of anything else, just copy the word it shows you and copy it when needed. There are ways to add the accents, but they're not really worth the trouble, and your browser likely can't deal with the key sequences anyway.


Thanks for all the comments folks. I did find a workaround that has allowed me to continue learning. I just add an apostrophe before the letter on which they are requiring an accent mark. I don't remember where I saw it in the forums or I would credit the user who posted it. In any case, on iOS that seems to be working just fine. Now if we could just get the speaking lessons added...


It looks like the words with the accent mark were in the image exercises of the Hobby lesson. Until now I have fixed the following words:

  • література
  • театр
  • готувати
  • писати
  • читати
  • співати
  • подорожува
  • танцювати
  • фотографувати
  • театр

I have not found any other words being reported, so I hope the problem with the accent mark is solved.


Дякую! Дякую!


I am having the same problem, but in the Food 1 lesson of Ukrainian. I get to a picture of a fish and I’m supposed to put ”риба” but I get an error message that states I spelled it wrong. According to the error message, риба should be spelled with an accent over the и. There is no option for this on my keyboard. The posts I’ve read are about earlier lessons. Has anyone run across this error in Food 1? I tried the apostrophe workaround, but it didn’t work and I can’t copy and paste the word from the error message. Help anyone!


"риба" has been fixed.


If your system is Windows7 or above you can have an accent mark. You have to add in your system language panel "Ukrainian (extended)" - "Українська (розширена)". and then you will have ' on key "~" (under "Esc").


This question isn't about the character in the middle of "комп'ютер." It's about the stress mark over the "і" in "пі́сня," for example, which by some sort of odd omission was left on a handful of words in the course.


I see this issue with "літерату́ра" and "теáтр"


The question I have is - is the issue that keyboards doesn't support the accented characters? Or that that the Ukrainian language doesn't even have accents? I assume the latter and the course is in error but just curious.


Normally, the accents wouldn't be used, but they can be in limited circumstances: dictionaries, texts for foreign learners. The accents are in the right places: https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/%D0%BB%D1%96%D1%82%D0%B5%D1%80%D0%B0%D1%82%D1%83%D1%80%D0%B0.


Thanks for mentioning the specific words! They have been fixed.


I am having the same frustration. Did not see your post and just started a thread on the same issue. Hope this is cleared up soon!


The apostrophe trick worked on my iPad! This is a great tip that every DuoLingo user learning Ukrainian needs to know. Here's a lingot, my friend! May you receive many more.

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