how to start??

How can start using this website? i have already created a profile, but how will i get the study materials..there are so many egg shapes on my profil..but what am i supposed to do with them?

April 30, 2014


Hi Indu88! Those "egg shapes" are your lessons! Simply click the ones that are in color to get started. As you finish more and more "eggs", or rather skills, more will be unlocked for you to progress in learning a new language! Hope this answers your question! :)

Thank you..but all those eggs are grey in colour..and it doesn't open when i click on them . Besides I can't see Basic 1 on my profile...What shall i do?

Hi again! This sounds odd. What language are you trying to learn? If you really can't do any skills in your learning language, then I suggest you reset it.

1) Hover your mouse over your profile picture, and click on Settings.

2) Next, click on Learning Language.

3) Then click on Reset or remove languages, which you can access just by clicking here... :)

4) Remove or reset the language you are trying to learn (French I believe?), and add it as a course again!

If you're having trouble with these steps, I'll be glad to provide screenshots or anything you need for more specific help. Hope this helps! :)

What language(s) are you interested in learning? You can select a language right here: To get started go to the first lesson (basics 1) and get started. Within every skill there are lessons. You need to complete all the lessons to move forward and unlock more skills (skills are the circles and within them there are lessons. They are colored when unlocked and ready for you to learn).

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