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All the complaining about the crown system is prohibited.


July 15, 2018



This gave me a good laugh! Though, I know there will be at least one user who will take this too seriously.

I don't think complaints about the Crowns system are bad, as long as they are constructive and have decent substance. Though, I think it is a bit annoying to hear people call it a horrible system in general when it fails them personally.

I think we should have more patience for any new updates that may improve the system. I like it as it is, but you know, Duolingo is always improving. ^ ^

Thank you for making my day!


I did this post because they deleted a good and constructive post about the crown system some minutes ago and it really bothered me.


Oh, really? You mean a moderator did?

If so, then that's not right. Constructive criticism is meant to help, so unless that user was breaking the rules it should have been allowed to stay. Thanks for explaining that!

Edit: Do you know if the op deleted it instead of a mod?


MasterZsword, I neglected you in my thanks for my 100 day streak. You have the soul of an artist. Your posts are humorous and inspiring. One day last month, I was ready to throw in the towel. Then, one of your comments made me get up, brush myself off, and climb right back upon that horse. Thank you. Love, Cat

Have a lingot just for fun!


I think I know who that one person is.


Songve, I'll bet that you do. You are right about many things. The crown system is just another challenge. I like it. I even like down votes. What used to hurt my feelings makes me stronger now. I don't want to understand why people needlessly down vote good, enlightening posts. If I understood, I'm afraid that I might turn into one of them. I would rather be like you and the many others who have encouraged me in my journey into the language frontier. Have a good week. Love, Cat


You have learned an important aspect of feelings No one can make us feel a certain way, we all have a choice as to how we feel. Another thing I have learned along the way is that our thoughts create our feelings. As a personal example, I used to feel extremely angry when getting cut off on the highway. My thoughts: "That person is trying to kill me." After thinking about it, I realized I had no idea who the person was. Maybe they had a fight with their spouse, were thinking about some bad news or were simply being human and got distracted. It takes practice to do this as thoughts are transformed into feelings in a split second. Nowadays, I am mostly calm when driving and a kind of an alarm goes off when anger arises and it quickly goes away.


My dentist also told me that I needed to floss, ignoring the fact that I have braces.


Invisalign - braces with flossing 4 times a day :)


I am not in favor of making posts “disappear” (it was not downvoting that caused that), but how can anyone accuse DL (or moderators) of deleting crown-critical posts after we all endured many weeks of hardly anything else? Maybe they just decided enough is enough, the crowns are here to stay, let’s move on, there’s nothing to see (discuss) here anymore, everything that can be said has been said plenty of times... or maybe the OP deleted it.


I don't think that posts should be deleted, but if they are against the rules, the specific parts of the post that are against the rules should be removed. If the whole post is against the rules, then the post should not be deleted, but should be edited so it says something like "[Removed for violating the rules]".


I agree. But it's probably a lot more work-intense for the moderators than simply deleting the entire post as they would have to closely monitor the most likely emotionally charged post for repeat violations.


I don't think they want to smear people with an utterly conspicuous label like "[Removed for violating the rules]." Moderators can contact posters via private means (as long as the poster has registered an e-mail address they check), which is I believe what they do.


My posts liking the crowns have disappeared, but I think that was because of the downvotes rather than deletion.


Amusing as this post is, I do suspect that there is an effort to suppress criticism of the awful crown system. The great powers of DL do not want legitimate criticism of their ignoble experiment.


If that were the case, wouldn't a lot of Crowns criticism here be deleted?


"If that were the case, wouldn't a lot of Crowns criticism here be deleted?" Well, maybe not deleted, but definitely hidden in a way, because that topic already got unpinned. Maybe it was not convenient that it was not full of praise only.



That's true. But, what about this post that basically has a huge coalition of those who have criticisms?

My point is, I doubt there is some conspiracy or what not with Duolingo trying to silence opinions. The only normal way they could be "silenced" is by users naturally using the voting system. Though, that's not to say that moderators don't have the potential to abuse their power.


The post you mentioned is hard to come across unless one specifically looks for it. But I get your point, my comment was supposed to be a little tongue in cheek.


Haha, alright. ^ ^

P.S., the post shows up sometimes on the right side where related discussions are located. That's where I found it. So, it may not be that hard to find, but definitely not extremely easy.


Yes, we all know your opinion because you repeat it and repeat it and repeat it and repeat it some more. I’ll give you this: you’re indefatigable in your pointless, contentless criticism. And I suppose you’re surprised people get downvote-happy?


Ceterum censeo.... ;-)


Yes, just like my post about the health system, which mysteriously had almost 100 upvotes vanish (once had 137, now has 41) after lots of agreement from users. To me, Duolingo seems to be acting like a country that prohibits all criticism of the government. This needs to change.


Since your link opens to your post, it was not deleted. Otherwise, only a blank page or a 404 unfound page would be displayed. Why do you think it has been deleted? Maybe it just moved down the page as many new posts have been posted since you posted it.

Please do not accuse anyone - DL included - of something that simply does not correspond to the facts. As you can see from the moderator's comments, the post in question was deleted because of a violation of the rules, not because of any critical remarks.


Allan, Frustration is a by product of perfectionism. I agree with you. Complaining is a very American flaw. That, and blame. I have been deleted more than once. It is part of the learning process. You have a right to complain, but this crown thing comes up way too often. Hang in there! Our moderators do a thankless job. Imagine what this forum would look like without them. Yikes! Your new friend, Cat


The post wasn't mine but I had make a long comment on the post and it isn't the first time that the moderators delete good posts, believe me they really are choosing what to censure.


Cat! I didn't recognize you!


Hola, My avatar reflects my attitude . I have been thinking of you and the den. My wolverine story is almost complete and ready for review. I look forward to seeing it in the future. I sent you thanks for my 100 day streak celebration. Please keep up the spf. Love, Cat


I never new what was its purpose. But that golden shape looks so damn well on my front page.


The crown system is certainly better than the weakening skills system, but I can think of three ways that it could be improved.

  1. People should be able to test out of levels, preferably multiple at one time.

  2. General practice should increase the level in at least one skill, preferably many.

  3. Higher-level translations should have multiple sentences (or bring back Immersion!) in order to make it so that higher levels actually require a higher level of knowledge in the language that is being learned.

Duolingo, I hope that you will consider all that I have stated here. It is meant to improve Duolingo and the effectiveness of its courses.


Please do not hijack the topic, which is not a review of the crown system or a request for improvement suggestions.

If you want your suggestions to be seen by more people, create your own topic, if you feel that you are contributing new ideas that have not been suggested/discussed many times before.

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