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Tomorrow is the Day!!!

Tomorrow we will be able to start the Hindi Course!!! I'm soooo ready for this its been to long of a wait. Who is ready?!

July 16, 2018



Today is the day and the Hindi course is still marked as 89% towards hatching. No word from Duo or the contributors. Three years of development!!!


I’ve been waiting and waiting and waiting... first thing I checked this morning. Oh I hope they have it completed soon! Ahhhhh!


Glad I'm not the only one waiting with bated breath ... not that I am 100% confident we will see the course today, but hopefully we will.


Yes, I'm with you! had this day marked in my calendar for weeks. I'm sooooooo ready to start this course. Have been following the development for about a year and half, past many due dates. Fingers crossed that it's today! please, please, please say it is so! :)


It's midnight where's mah Hindi o please o please o pleaaaaaaase lol


Anyone know what time courses have been released in the past? This is the first one I've been waiting for so far. Is there a way to get updates other than on the incubator page?

I'm ready to be a nudge ;-)


Fingers crossed.


I am so glad to know that people outside india are actually waiting for Hindi course. I am not a native hindi speaker. But I have been expecting Hindi course since 2016. Its 17 july now. Nothing has been released yet . Lets gather together

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