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"Mi abuelo me enseña a hablar alemán."

Translation:My grandpa is teaching me to speak German.

1 month ago



Need advice in using 'a'. Doesn't hablar already mean 'to speak', so what is the 'a' for? Wouldn't 'Mi abuelo me enseña hablar alemán' be good enough?

2 weeks ago

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Tye, there are a lot of verbs that use prepositions before a following infinitive. You just have to memorize them, because they don't always translate to English. Here's a very short list of verbs that need an "a" before a following infinitive: enseñar a (to teach), aprender a (to learn), comenzar a and empezar a (to begin), ir a (to go), venir a (to come), ayudar a (to help), and many more.

1 week ago