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"There is too much wine in the bottle."

Translation:Hay demasiado vino en la botella.

3 months ago



How does that work?

1 month ago


Can it be said, "Hay vino demasiado en la botella."?

3 weeks ago


Too much sound too much. Could it be : more than enough On the other hand If there's a filling situation, there must be some air in between, or else it's impossible to squeeze the cork plug in its place.

3 months ago

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There can never be too much wine in a bottle! :-)

But yes - demasiado = too much, seems right to me.

3 months ago


There can be too much wine in a bottle, it just means you have to drink more ;-)) I love how DuoLingo dedicates so many sentences to wine though....

1 month ago