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"We want to play other sports."

Translation:Queremos jugar otros deportes.

1 month ago



If we generally use 'jugar a' for playing a sport, i.e. 'jugo al tenis', then why not 'jugo a otros deportes'?

1 month ago


Same question. I was always taught that jugar was a verb that went with "a" every time. I know "every time" is reaching, but why is this different?

1 month ago


I put "queremos jugar deportes otros" and it was marked incorrect... can someone explain why the adjective comes before the noun in this case? I'm still struggling with word order.

3 weeks ago

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It has to be the infinitive 'jugar' form here because it follows a conjugated verb.

I suspect the reason it doesn't have the 'a' here, is because you already have a conjunction - other and because no specific sport is specified.

Need a native Spanish speaker to clarify this though.

1 month ago