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"When did you start college?"

Translation:¿Cuándo empezaste la universidad?

1 month ago



Is there a problem with the translation: Cuándo comenzó usted a el colegio

1 month ago

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"Colegio" means grade school, not college. "College," (at least in the American sense) translates as "universidad." You do not use the preposition "a" after comenzar, unless you are adding another verb: "¿Cuándo comenzó usted a ir a la universidad?" or "¿Cuándo comenzó usted la universidad?" Use of "usted" is correct, but if you are talking to a college student, you are far more likely to use "tú."

1 month ago


comenzar and empezar are close enough, so sure why not. However I am not use why you have used "a el" in your sentence?

1 month ago



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