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  5. "I became sick again."

"I became sick again."


July 16, 2018



Does this idea need a -moH in it?


-moH tells you that the subject is the cause of the state or action expressed by the verb. So, ropmoH would probably be translated as "make sick" or "cause illness".

jIropqa'moH. = "I cause illness again."

vIropqa'moH. = "I make them/her/him/it sick again."

jIrop'eghqa'moH. = "I make myself sick again." (perhaps through an unhealthy lifestyle or some such)


Sorry, I guess I meant -choH, to express the idea of "become" in "I became sick."


Ah, gotcha. I can see why you'd want to use that (I have the same thought sometimes), but because -qa' and -choH belong to the same suffix group (Verb suffix, Group 3), they can't actually be added to the same word.

-qa' can be used both to describe the act of resuming something (i.e. the actual change from not doing to doing; "I resume an action") and the act of carrying out the resumed action ("I perform an action again"). The primary example in The Klingon Dictionary is:


which is translated as

I am resuming the search, I am searching for him/her again

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