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"Matěj a František jsou dobří otcové."

Translation:Matěj and František are good fathers.

July 16, 2018



I was told by a friend that "-ové" is the nominative plural ending for (at least many) one-syllable male animate nouns. Also works for muž, syn, Ital, Rus, Fin, pes, osel,...


Psové is quite unusual. Reminds me a famous poem by Jan Neruda that starts "Jak lvové bijem o mříže". Lvové - lions - is normally just lvi and psové is normally just psi.


often as an alternative to -i


fathers, check the hints. It is the plural number of otec.


What nouns usually take on this "- ové" ending?


masculine animate soft stem (paradigms muž and soudce), there is a competition of -i and -ové with various degree of preference


So can I just use the -ové ending interchangeably with the -i ending for these nouns?


Is there any grammatical difference between 'otců' and 'otcové'?


But could it also be written "dobri otci"? Or is the "ove" vs. "i" ending word specific?


Try this site to look up the possible forms. It's pre-filled for "otec", but the box next to the "Hledej" button can be used to enter the word you are looking for, and then click the button.

For words that have interesting declensions (like nouns), a table is displayed showing the standard forms across the two numbers (singular in the first column, plural in the second) and the seven cases (in as many rows).

The cases are designated by ordinal numbers. The ones you need for now are 1. nominative, 2. genitive, and 4. accusative.


This kept telling me I typed in English, not Czech. Here is the exact text i entered

Matěj a František jsou dobrý otceva

I know it's wrong, but why would it consider that to be English?


I"m guessing here, but is it possible that it was a Type What You Hear exercise? If so, that would explain why Duo was confused. :-)


Who knows how the recognition works, but otceva is not a Czech word. Also, dobří and dobrý sound different.


My answer was wrong, that's clear.
I was just a little frustrated, just wishing the software would tell me it's wrong, so I can correct it and learn.

I appreciate all the useful feedback here.

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