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  5. "Those doctors are surgeons."

"Those doctors are surgeons."

Translation:HaqwI'pu' chaH Qelpu'vetlh'e'.

July 16, 2018



why is there an e at the end?


When the subject (in this case, "those doctors") of a third-person pronoun ('oH/bIH/ghaH/chaH) is given explicitly, it always (except in sloppy speech or certain non-standard dialects) takes the topic suffix -'e'.

targh 'oH. = "It is a targ."

SajwIj 'oH. = "It is my pet."

targh 'oH SajwIj'e'. = "My pet is a targ."

SajwIj 'oH targh'e'. = "The targ is my pet."

I recommend going over the lesson notes for the "Pronouns" skill, where the grammar of such sentences is described.

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