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"Aus dem Alltag"

March 27, 2013



A moment ago I posted a comment about Alltag; this time I put down workday but was told not to confuse this with routine - even more confused!


I'm not sure if I got this right. If I'm not making any sense to you please ignore my answer. I would translate "workday" with "Arbeitstag". "Alltag" or "routine" can also be something you do at home, e.g doing the laundry


Thanks for reporting! Your answer was correct and will be accepted from now on. Do let us know if you run across these errors in the future...helps us make the site better! :-)


I don't know if it makes sense but is "out of the ordinary" meant here?


I think the opposite, actually. It is something that comes out of routine, rather than something that is different from routine.

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