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Timed Practice Suggestion

Timed Practice should have different tiers of difficulty. I'm finding the 2:00 limitation is far too fast for me to type. Perhaps it should be designed with rewarding you coins at different time tiers. For example: 10 coins at 2 mins; 7 coins at 3 mins; etc.

March 27, 2013



We'll be changing the way these timed lessons work next week. Thanks for bringing this up.


That's right. For me it's more difficult because i'm dutch speaking and I have to think twice before I add my answer. Have to do it right in English and French. Lots of typos for me... :-)


There should be less focus on speed and more positive reinforcement for accuracy, proficiency, and mastery. I never want to feel rushed when practicing something new. Like the others I'm highly prone to typing errors as well. The timer should be removed.


I agree. I am finding two minutes to be much to difficult to achieve as the lessons become harder.


I agree. It's not that I don't know the answers, I just end up with a lot of annoying typos from trying to write too fast. I've stopped trying to do them at all, it got so frustrating.

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