"How is it going?"

Translation:Jak to jde?

July 17, 2018

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This is not a valid salutation right? Or is it? Would it be normal to see a friend and say this as a hi?


No, it is an actual question asking for the state of the affairs.


Using these questions as greetings is a specialty of a few languages (US: How's it going? UK: You okay mate? A'right? FR: Ça va? - even the question mark is questionable in these "questions"). In other languages, such questions are actually meant literally - to find out how the other person's doing, expecting an answer.


''Jak je?'' might be another possible translation.


Does this sentence mean to ask something about a situation or a condition, instead of asking about how a "thing" (an engine, a machine, a telephone... ) works? For instance, "How is it going, now near Athens (are the fires been domated)? > "Teď jak to jde v Athena?" [Of course my Czech sentence will need corrections, I even don't know what Athens is called in Czech] ?


Yes, it is asking about the present conditions of someone.

How is it going now with your new child? Jak to teď jde s tvým novým dítětem?

The sentence you picked up is not the best example, but it is probably also possible. Jak to teď jde u Athén? (or v Athénách). But I would rather use: Jak je teď v Athénách? How is it in Athens now?

Also: Jak jde hašení požárů u Athén? How is extinguishing of fires near Athens going?

In English you can also omit the "going". How's life? Jak jde život?


I don't know what I would do here on Duo without your incredible interesting contributions, Vladimir! Thanks a lot!


But, the other way around, is it also asking for instructions on machines etc.? ("How's it working?")


No, not likely. It normally means how your life or work or similar is going.


Should "Jak jde?" Be accepted? I have heard people say this all the time in Cesko but have aeldom heard "Jak to jde?"


You must have been in a different Cesko then.


Ah. I dont think I was in a different one, so I must have just misheard. Thanks :)


You might have heard "Jak je?" which is probably even more common than "Jak to jde?"


Is word order "Jak jde to?" really not acceptable?


Nobody says that.

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