Un Bora Mercher / Keeping Faith. S4C / BBC Thriller series

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Some may be interested to know that the new 8-episode thriller-drama series Keeping Faith, starring Eve Myles, that began last week on BBC One, was originally broadcast on S4C in November as Un Bora Mercher (One Wednesday Morning) in a Welsh-language only version.

For UK residents, the S4C version is still available on BBC iPlayer, but only until 15th August:

Un Bore Mercher, Cyfres 2017: Pennod 1:

Mae Faith yn fam a gwraig sy'n cael ei thynnu i mewn i ddirgelwch pan fo'i gwr, Evan, yn diflannu.

Lawyer, wife and mother, Faith, is drawn into a mystery when her husband disappears.

It may also be available on S4C Player (although I think it expired), but then it is necessary to sit through adverts. Although, judging by a previous series I watched, some of the Welsh adverts are (probably unintentionally) hilarious - a bit 1970s local cinema.

The English-language only version Keeping Faith, originally broadcast in February on BBC One Wales and currently being shown on BBC One (UK) is, of course, also on iPlayer:

Keeping Faith, Series 1: Episode 1:

Lawyer, wife and mother Faith Howells is drawn into a mystery when her husband and business partner Evan disappears. He leaves for work but never arrives. His sudden absence strikes deep into the heart of his tiny Welsh community and forces Faith to come back from extended maternity leave to defend a hopeless vagrant accused of shoplifting. As an increasingly desperate Faith searches for clues, she uncovers new revelations about Evan's private life and questions how well she really knows the man she loves.

Episode 1 is available until 11th August.

What I chose to do with the first episode was to watch the English version first, then a little later the Welsh version. However, I will soon hit a problem doing that since the Welsh version expires about half-way through the broadcast of the BBC One episodes. So I'll probably need to watch the Welsh version first. Unfortunately, Welsh subtitles don't appear to be available, only English - although since my Welsh (entirely Duolingo-learnt and somewhat lapsed) isn't strong enough (a huge understatement), I shall probably need the English subtitles in order to make much sense of anything.

I noticed slight a few differences in editing between the two versions, with small parts of some scenes missing from the Welsh version. Possibly, this is mainly to adjust the running-time to accommodate adverts.

July 17, 2018


I caught the first episode on BBC and have then watched the remainder on S4C. My Welsh is still fairly basic, but I managed to catch a few words in most sentences. The series has been great for improving my language skills and I'm now tempted to watch more S4C on iPlayer.

The series as also fun trying to spot locations. The court house is in Carmarthen (Caerfyrddin).

July 17, 2018
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Having now figured out the various options with the aid of the helpful replies, thanks everyone; I think I might watch each episode first in Welsh but with English subtitles. Then watch again with the Welsh subtitles. Although, I seem to be able to follow relatively simple dialog fairly easily with Welsh subtitkes, I think I would probably miss too much and get lost fairly quickly if I went fully Welsh first.

Whether I'll watch all episodes in a block first, or repeat each episode immediately, I'm not sure yet; but I suspect the former, as I get drawn into the plot.

July 17, 2018

Welsh and English subtitles are available label on S4C

July 27, 2018
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