"¡Las direcciones están en alemán!"

Translation:The directions are in German!

4 months ago


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Why isn't it "Las direcciones son en alemán" rather than "están?" I thought it would be ser because being in German seems like a fundamental characteristic of the directions and there's no physical location involved. I'm having trouble figuring out why it's estar.

4 months ago

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Hm, good question. I don't know, but "están" came naturally to me, so I never thought about it being "son" in this case.

4 months ago


This is going to seem weird, but the reason (in my mind) is the presence of the preposition "en" meaning "in." That preposition is typically used with locations and when speaking of locations, you use the verb "estar," despite the fact that we aren't literally talking about a physical location here.

If you were to say "the directions are german," ignoring whether that is grammatically correct, you would change the verb to "ser."

You will see this same sort of usage with phrases like "my son is in college" - "mi hijo está en la universidad." That doesn't mean my son is physically standing in a college. It means he currently goes to college.

1 month ago

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this is why you should also take german on duolingo. you would not have this problem then.

2 months ago

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Kein problem wann ich Deutsch sprechen kann.

3 months ago
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