"The station is close to the hotel."

Translation:La estación está cerca del hotel.

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How do you know when to translate "to" as "a" and when to translate it as "de"? I thought "de" was just used to mean "from", and it wouldn't be proper to say "the station is close from the hotel".

3 weeks ago


So at first, I was taking the corrections as "al" was suppose to be used when needing the masculine form not feminine. Hotel is a masculine word so why isn't this answer accepted?

3 months ago

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"Al" is used when there is a contraction "a+el". In this sentence the preposition is not "a", but "de". So here the contraction is "de+el = del". It will be more clear with an example:
"Va [a el] hotel" -> "Va al hotel"
"Viene [de el] hotel" -> "Viene del hotel"
Note that the sentences without contraction are grammatically wrong.

3 months ago
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