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  5. "nuH 'oH DIron'e'."

"nuH 'oH DIron'e'."

Translation:Bagpipes are a weapon.

July 17, 2018



I think this one could be improved slightly by including the word warrior:
{SuvwI' nuH 'oH DIron'e'} Bagpipes are the weapon of a warrior. / Bagpipes are a warrior's weapon.


That does indeed seem appropriate :)

Unfortunately, though, the course doesn't include the word vaj ("warrior (as a concept)"), which I think would make for a better translation. SuvwI' nuH would be something more like "the warrior's weapon" or "an (individual) warrior's weapon", rather than vaj nuH which would be more like "weapon of warriorhood" or "a weapon fit for a warrior".


chaq DIron chu'wI' qabqu' ghaH wa' SuvwI'vam'e'.

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