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not able to access next levels

Hi could somebody help me please. I completed lessons till negatives everything is green but iam not able to access the next lessons. what could be the reason?

April 30, 2014



I have the same problem. I updated my iPhone to iOS 7.1.1 and now it freezes every time I complete a lesson & I have to turn off & on my phone for it to access the next lesson. Very frustrating & ruining my streak! Just seeing if anyone has a fix for this.


EricBDutch what version of the app are you using? Can you try reinstalling?


Not sure. I'm afraid that it might delete all my lessons I've completed thus far.


I am having the exact same problem on my iPhone4s with iOS 7.1.1. I have tried deleting and reinstalling, and I've tried deleting, turning phone off and on, and reinstalling... I feel like I've tried everything I could think of, and the problem remains. The app freezes everytime I complete a lesson. I'm so disappointed and frustrated!


Hi there! You need to complete four more lessons in the skill 'people' to unlock more skills, kavitha236.


Same problem: The solution is to complete all the skills in the previous lessons or it will not allow one to proceed.

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