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"I am a citizen of the Klingon Empire."

Translation:tlhIngan wo' rewbe' jIH.

July 18, 2018



Just out of interest, how come the First City is veng wa'DIch (noun first), but Klingon Empire is tlhIngan wo'?


Ordinal number follow the noun they are modifying, similar to "adjectives" (or, more accurately, "verbs that act sort of like adjectives").

tlhIngan wo', on the other hand, contains two nouns. In a noun-noun compound, the first one modifies the second.

A B = "A's B" or "the B pertaining to A"

targh tIq = "heart of targ"

qeylIS betleH = "Kahless' bat'leth" or "the bat'leth of Kahless"

tlhIngan wo' = "the Klingon empire" or "the empire of the Klingons"

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