Progress Does Not Get Saved

Hi there,

I have been using duolingo to learn Spanish and Italian for the past ~60 days, but I have been noticing that recently, my progress after completing a lesson does not get saved. For example, I just completed Animals Level 0 in Italian, but when I closed the app and reopened it, my progress bar showed that I'm only on Level 0, instead of Level 1.

Lately, it's been frustrating to use the duolingo app, as I will complete 2 or 3 levels only to find that my progress has not been saved.

I have been taking screen shots of the app whenever I experience this issue, but I would appreciate getting help from a member of the duolingo team to address this problem.

Thank you!

July 18, 2018

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First thing to check is whether the app was connected to the internet. That's the most common issue. Don't close the app before it has had a chance to connect to the servers, but it can happen that, if you don't have a connection the moment you finish the lesson, it doesn't get synched to servers and the progress is lost. Easiest remedy is using the webpage. You can use that on mobile, too.

Otherwise, bug report:

July 18, 2018
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