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How to report bugs in the beta course?

I'm starting to work on the Hindi beta course, and the devanagari characters don't display on Chrome. They work fine on Firefox.

Does anyone know how I can report this?

July 18, 2018



Thanks for mentioning this basilwilliams, we're looking into it! Any other issues you come across in the course, please feel free to post them here if there is no "report" option within the lesson.


Ok will do. I am so thrilled to be working through this course. Thanks so much for the work you've put into it!


Hi Myra, in the first 'Test out of 5 skills' section there seems to be a bug - it only ever asks two questions: how to say 'one' in Hindi and in English.


When you answer a question there is an option to report :)


Thank you for putting this course together! I wanted to share some feedback here while I'm going through the course...

I noticed that some audio sounds are identical in the letters section of the course. For instance with thī and thi. It's impossible to tell them apart, The recording sounds exactly the same in both cases. Is that a case of my deafness to certain sounds or is the recording erroneously being repeated for both syllables?

There also seems to be identical audio for श (sha) and ष (shha).

Additionaly, isn't ण supposed to be more of a rolled sound, it sounds kind of flat in the course. Is that correct?

Thank you.

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So far I did the first 4 skills (Letters 1 to 4) and I noticed that the audio volume is often different for different letters. It would be great to have the same audio volume for all.

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