July 18, 2018

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I'm at level 7 thanks to repeating the word "one" 50 times... lol


एक को एक बार ही पूछना चाहिए। -One should be asked once only.


The audio sounds like "ek" but it is spelled like "eka". Is "ek" the correct pronunciation?


Ending "a" is never pronounced in Hindi, except when quoting Sanskrit, where it is always pronounced.


@DerGoldmann To intentionally end a word in the "a" sound, add the long vowel form - such as एका (although this isn't actually a word, but if you were to try to spell something else in Hindi script, like "Sara" - सैरा)


Isn't it like the name of the word "ka", like we have "see" for "c", and "dee" for "d"?

Because the "a" added in the center a the word, is more like a vocalization, like in Arabic, and plays a short "a" role?


Totally, it is a bit annoying some times when your hearts run out because of this.


Don't u have unlimited heart option?


Hi my dear friends


@PERCE_NEIGE 'ka' is pronounced as in 'car'.


Pronounced "ek". Not all characters realize their vowel ending. Another example is the word for India, हिंदुस्तान. It ends with the "na" character, but you only pronounce the consonant. (हिंदुस्तान is hindustaan). As you get to know the language better, reading the ends correctly will become more natural.

If anybody knows a rule for when you do vs dont pronounce the vowel ending, Id love to hear it. Ive always just gone by what feels/sounds right


Yes, there is a rule. Its called Schwa syncope. Don't worry if it scares you, it basically means if a consonant at the end of a word is combined with the vowel "अ", then the sound is dropped. Example: सेब would be pronounced as se-b and not se-ba. This is done in many Indo-Aryan languages while speaking. Native speaker here. HTH


Ya true but i still love it now i can understand so much . Before i was really bad at hindi but duolingo is helping me a lot and i like that a bird comes in between my lesson is so nice


Ya true but i still love it now i can understand so much Before i was really bad at hindi but duelingo is helping me a lot and i like that a bird comes in between my lesson is so nice.


Skip ahead quiz repeats the same question infinitely


Yeah I noticed as well


I tested out from level 2 to 3 and got asked what एक was a few times in a row towards the end.

This is a great course though- thank you so much for putting it together!!


स्वागत हे!!! We're live!!!


Translation: svaagat he! (welcome!)


I have just gotten this for the 6th time —I don't just mean this particular word, I mean the instruction to translate it in to English, I've gotten the word in other ways too— in the test out of the first level in the first topic. There's no way to report this with the report button, since free-form reporting has been turned off. So here I am, hoping that somebody will improve the testing algorithm.


You must go to report this on the crowns system topics pages in the general forum. It seems like an algorithm problem, so even the people who contribute to the course are probably unable to fix this kind of thing.



The hover tips say एक can mean one or a or an, but when I tyoed "an" it marked me wrong. I have reported this.


I think it only mean "an" when it's in a sentence. Alone, it's "one", that is logical. You wouldn't say "an" without anything behind.


It's almost always used as 1. Even when we use it as "an"(translated to English), literally, it still means 1. Ek seb (an apple/ one apple), there take isn't that much difference when using the language itself


I'm learning hindi by myself and I do have Indian friends who help me if someone wants to practice with me he is more than welcome


Hey.. I see you are learning spanish .. i can help you with hindi and you can be my buddy to.practise Spanish..


Having the script as the only option is hard. With Duolingo Mandarin, you can click on the script and have the Romanized word, or the definition. That would be extremely helpful, as non-Hindi-natives will appreciate not having to know the script to be able to learn to speak the language.


If youre really set on learning hindi, you should definitely invest time in learning devanagari. It will only help you in the end. Reading their script will help you to not read with any english pronounciation that is hardwired in your brain, so you'll even end up speaking better if you learn it. Mandarin may be a bit different since there are many unique hanzi that can take a lot of time to learn. Devanagari is a bit easier, and the fact that duo doesnt give romanized pronunciations just means theres no crutch to rely on, so you'll pick up on the hindi script faster.


When I first started learning Hindi, I found it so difficult to look at words spelled with Roman characters, especially because the standard spelling is almost never the exact transliteration. Additionally, it is so hard to tell if "d" should be द, ड, ढ़, ड़, ढ, etc., so using Devanagari script eliminates that confusion. Additionally, the proper way to transliterate most words leads to incorrect pronunciation. Take "Happy Birthday" for example: जन्मदिन मुबारक. The transliteration of this word looks like this: janmadin mubaarak. However, it is pronounced janamdin mubaarak. Roman script can consequently lead to errors in pronunciation, and additionally, by the time you learn how to properly pronounce the words from their transliterated form, you could have learned Devanagari faster! (Even the word Devanagari is really pronounced Devnagri - misleading Roman spelling!) The last thing I'll say is that Devanagari is really the most simple, beautiful, efficient, logical writing system I have ever seen, so give it a try!!


I find the Romanization rather harmful and distracting. Romanization is often based how certain characters are pronounced in some other language. This language is often English, which itself has the most screwed-up grapheme to phoneme mapping. Here is it the same: the sound, which is transcribed as 'ai' sounds for me (as a German) like an 'ä'. And the sound of थ, which is transcribed as 'tha' sounds distinctly like 'k' to me. This Romanization into 'tha' utterly confuses me. Now I have to learn: 'tha' = 'ka' = थ.


Please, don't give up. Really, Hindi script is not that hard to learn. Go on Memrise, and train yourself. I really can tell you, because I had the same difficulties at the beginning when learning a little of Hindi letters, and finally it's relatively easy, but you would need to write the letters with a pen.

That's the problem, there should be a tracing letter exercice on Duolingo I think, but they didn't add it to the global exercises database yet.


it was just "one" choice for this word.. and it comes over so many times


why does this have to repeat the "one" lesson so much times?


Skip it to the next unit. Crowns system is a bit confusing.


Because dummies like me still haven't "got it"


the /k/ sounds aspirated to me.


Its unaspirated. Devanagaris apirated kha sound is ख


Its very beautiful i love Doulingo


1000th time answering this question


I like it when I win the first time


In all the tests to upgrade level the only thing you have to do is translate "one" ❤❤❤ who did this


This is jumping many steps to me...how are we supposed to know any translations at the initial letter level?


i wrote ek instead of one


Give some hard options it is to easy

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    Great course.


    Duoling app bhai muje tha english nhi aree ha to mai kya kar o


    All sounds the same


    एक is one in Hindi.


    You I am a Indian place give me tough questions


    Is it wrong one=एक


    Me : trying to see the comments. Also me : this is uncountable

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      i have study this language but i don't understand most words but this is super duper easy


      give me the numbers spelling in Hindi questions more


      I found a cheat for the match cards question, keep presssing the card you want to find the pair quickly and any card you press simoltaniously will be noted as correct.!! OMG major bug!


      I some times i try to chenj the topic but it dosent work but it's reale good.


      I am Indian hahaha so easy


      You are asking one question double double please ask other question


      थोड़ा आसान पढ़ाओ


      One is repeating many time


      I'm qn Indian i got a little bored of learning french so i thought of learning my language


      Hamen shuru se English sikhana hai


      Hello friends, Anyone having any type of problem with this language can ask me!


      Y so many time one


      This app has wrong pronunciation of इ.


      Mujhe Sare subject Mein doubt hai aap mujhe vah Samjha Do ge


      This is a pen yahe ak pen he


      Why the sound of एक does not have sound of क in the end


      I will get a test or not


      Yah bahut Achcha Hai Isko download Karenge to hamesha apni Jindagi Mein Khush Rahenge aur yah game Bhi Hai Doston


      How learn english in telugu in this app


      Hi. The 'English for Telugu speakers' course is still under development.


      I know some words in hindi but easily teaches me hindi my best friend recommended this i like this app and my friend also


      Why is not giving other numbers


      I know one before 6 years ago ok thanks


      nice "एक" _one reastarting Hindi , Spanish Ect


      I'd like to restart the course, focusing only on understanding and speaking the language. I find too much emphasis on the letters (alphabet) at the beginning of the course, and it's difficult to distinguish their individual sounds. I really just want to converse in Hindi. Is it possible to start again without learning the Hindi alphabet?? Please help.


      No. The entire course uses only the Devanagari script so you will not able to move further without learning the script.
      If you find that the 'Letters' lessons are not working for you, one thing you can do is to learn the script from another source and then come back to Duolingo. There are many resources online (including on Youtube) to learn the script.


      What does दो mean ?


      the audio doesn't seem to pronounce the "ka" at all. Is it supposed to be silent?


      The word is pronounced 'ek'. The 'a' attached to the क is not pronounced.


      two of the voices actually sound like i in pit and you can just hear the ka. the other male voice says ay and you can't hear the k in ka at all. is it a difference in dialect in native speakers?


      I'm a Pakistani i can speak urdu the only problem is with the writing system.I hope it would become easier for me otherwise it's so difficult to memorize the letters.


      This is so easy question



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