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  5. No audio on Lesson 3 Basic 2


No audio on Lesson 3 Basic 2

There is no playback or audio if I click the speaker button. The Basics 2 is a listen and match sound lesson so... yeah. I'm stuck.

July 19, 2018



Thank you for giving it a try and reporting! We're working on a fix for this :)


I've seen the same problem and in lesson 4 with those sounds as well . It seems like maybe the sounds for sta and kya are missing, because other sounds in the lesson work just not for those two in particular.


Thanks for pointing out. We'll look into it.


Nya also appears to be missing ... I was able to advance by proper guessing (only one "new" sound listed among the options), but that doesn't help the learning process! :D


Still no audio for lesson 3 in Basics 2.


I'm having the same problem and am just putting in random guesses and remembering which was correct so I can get past the lesson in the end.

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