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  5. "lam roS 'Iv 'e' Dalegh?"

"lam roS 'Iv 'e' Dalegh?"

Translation:Who do you see touch the dirt with the third toe?

July 19, 2018

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If instead we wanted to say "Did you see who touched the dirt with the third toe?" (ie, asking whether the listener knows who the dirt-toucher is without asking for a name, rather than asking for the identity of the dirt-toucher), how would we do that?

At first I was thinking that lam roSbogh ghot Dalegh'a'? or lam roSbogh ghot'e' Dalegh'a' might work, but that's still not asking whether the listener knows the dirt-toucher's name. I'm also guessing that 'Iv wouldn't work here, since we're asking about the listener's knowledge rather than dirt-toucher's identity?

Many thanks as always for a wonderful course

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