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"I point at my enemy with my second toe."

Translation:jaghwI'Daq jIHom.

July 19, 2018



This shall let the enemy know that they should feel shame. SHAME! Keep that up--and I might point my THIRD Toe at you! You'd not like that at all.

Is... is there some culture notes I should be reading here? I'm wondering if I am hitting some culture shock or something with this entire freaking chapter.

July 19, 2018


Cultural background:

Pointing one's second toe at someone (typically an opponent or an enemy) with the other toes poiting downward is considered an insulting gesture. One is calling the opponent unworthy -- a "weakling". The phrase jaghwI'Daq jIHom, literally "I use (my) second toe at my enemy" (jagh "enemy", -wI' "my", -Daq "at, to", jI- "I") would most likely be interpreted as "I claim my enemy is unworthy or weak", even if not accompanied by the actual movement of the toe.

The noun Hom (normal meaning: "bone") has the slang meaning of "weakling"; the diminutive suffix -Hom may have something to do with this.

July 19, 2018


And on a similar vein, pointing a little finger at someone means you think they are old, presumably due to the homophonous similarity between {qan} "be old" and {qan} "use pinky".

July 19, 2018


Yes. So little effort in merely lifting a middle finger, I can see how going through the trouble of taking off a boot, removing a sock, then pointing a toe at someone would be truly offensive!

November 5, 2018
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