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  5. "torghDaq mar mara."

"torghDaq mar mara."

Translation:Mara points at Torg with her big toe.

July 19, 2018



marwI'vaD tlhoqtlhallaw' mara. :)


You don't have a verb in that phrase and you can't use -law' on a noun. I'm guessing that you mistakenly thought that tlhoqtlhal was a verb meaning "to do a favor" instead of the noun "a favor"? Unfortunately I still can't quite figure out what you meant. Tell us what you thought that meant in English and we can help you.


I was trying to say "Mara seems to favor her big toe," thinking that tlhoqtlhal was a verb meaning "to favor (something)." I read the description on hol.kag.org, and misinterpreted the "The recipient of the favor is marked with -vaD" to mean that it was a quirk of the language that the object of tlhoqtlhal was marked with -vaD. Is there any way to say what I intended?


You could use the verb maS meaning prefer. Or you can use the words in the course to say that she customarily uses her big toe.

In English to favour a limb can mean to use it less, or is that only with horses? A horse that is favouring a leg appears to be lame in that leg.


I've always hated that usage. I've heard patients use it. But it seems wrong to me. I always have to ask if that means they use it more or use it less.


Ah, I see. It was saying that tlhoqtlhal is typically the object of a verb and so the recipient of the favor would be the indirect object.

How does maS work for you?

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