"मैं पीता हूँ।"

Translation:I drink.

July 19, 2018

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Submitted "I am drinking," not sure why that's not correct.


"I am drinking" is a continuous tense.

Continuous Tense is handled differently in Hindi.

The correct translation for "I am drinking" is

" मैं पी रहा हूँ " [If the speaker is male]

" मैं पी रही हूँ " [If the speaker is female]


Yes this this is right what you say


Pls mere koi dost


So for this sentence, when translating from English to Hindi, Peetha or Peethi ... are both correct?


Yup. Peeti would be for a girl and Peeta for a boy. But as english does not specify the first person's gender, both are coreect


Be careful to use this sentence - it could mean alcoholic drinking, so it is better to specify a noun before the word 'peeta'. Eg: 'pani' (water), 'chai' (tea) , etc.

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    For male : I am drinking = मै पी रहा हूं। I drink = मै पीता हूं। I drank = मैंने पीया है। We drink = हम पीते है। I have drunk = मै पी चुका हूं।

    For female : I am drinking = मै पी रहीं हूं। I drink = मै पीती हूं। I drank = मैंने पीया है। We drink = हम पीते है। I have drunk = मै पी चुकी हूं।


    I am Katniss, I am Peeta


    What is the meaning/purpose of the हूँ at the end of the sentence?


    Its like "am". For yourself you use "hoon" instead of of "hai"


    हुँ is part of the verb that indicates the person (in this case, 1st person) and tense(in this case, present tense), and always goes at the end of the sentence.


    I was confused by that as well because up until now I understood it as "to be." Now all that I know about it is that it indicates the first person.


    Your interpretation is right. You can say it is the first-person form for the state of being.


    Examples of usage of "hun" to get a complete idea/feel of its meaning:

    Used to describe being: Main hun - I am (Main tha - I was) Main ladka hun - I am a boy (Main ladka tha - I was a boy) Main accha ladka hun - I am a good boy (Main accha ladka tha - I was a good boy)

    Used to describe verb: Main padhta hun - I study (Main padhta tha - I used to study) Main likhta hun - I write (Main likhta tha - I used to write) Main kamata hun - I earn (Main kamata tha - I used to earn)

    "Main __ hun" can be filled with something that "I am _" or "I do ___"


    You practicing of will nameber reading


    Then what will you say for -I am drinking ??


    Wow you know everythin


    In privous Q. मैं पीता हूँ. In english I drinks and I drink . Why ?


    For girls- में पीती हूँ right?


    Answer is I drink Daru (


    i have 100 crowns and i have 1000 rubys and i am a god god ok


    What is the difference between the single dot on मैं and the dot with a half circle on हूँ?


    The girl does not get happy for my answer


    The girl does not get happy for my correct answer


    Actually many people are not understanding what' हु' is , so whenever you say' i do this' or 'i do that ' then at last of that sentence you have to use हु, or whenever you do some action you have to use हु. Hope it helps


    मैं पीता. हुै

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