"आदमी किताबें नहीं पढ़ते हैं।"

Translation:Men do not read books.

July 19, 2018

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Well, They should do that


My husband is always reading!!


Oh jeez guys really? We've also learned that while Nehas read, Julias just eat. Lol I didnt see a bunch of Julia's pitching a fit in the comments. I also was forced to say I drink tea, several times, even though I don't. They're practice sentences. Calm down and focus on your learning. Us "femo-nazis" haven't infiltrated Duo just yet. Lol ;*


I don't like this sentence. I am always reading a book.


The femo-nazis would be on a rampage if they used the sentence "Women do not read books."


So true! Have a lingot...


I have a question about this, can someone help?

1) Does this refer to "the" men, or is this a statement about all men. 2) does this statement refer to habit (like i do not read books - in my free time), or does it only refer to the present (i do not read a book), or does it refer to possibly both

The reason i ask this is because some languages use different grammar or words/phrases to express these. Thank you!


Hey Ryan,

1) So, to my knowledge, the phrase generally would refer to a specific set of men as opposed to a general statement about men. If it was a general statement about men, you'd put "hota hai" after "pardte" (Though, pardte would be conjugated differently).

2) it generally refers to habit (I read), but can occasionally be used as the present continuous (I am reading). If you want to be clear that the men are reading now, you'd say "Admi kitabe parh rahe hain (pronounced heh, nasally)"

Does that make sense?


Thank you, makes perfect sense!


Cows do not read books. Rats do not read books. Who cares.


Pfft, who needs books anyways.


It would be easy enough to have the software alternate between "men" and "women" here, or just have something less reflective of intellectual capacities, like "men do not drink tea."


How about we just don't worry about it, and if someone gets triggered, oh well


How about we all recognize and call out sexism.


No thanks, I prefer freedom of expression


I was elected to lead, not to read!



@mike658920 You're drawing a false comparison here. It would be as if the statements always read "Brahmans don't read"/ "Dalits read". Duo is intentionally choosing it's examples to mitigate sexist stereotypes here. Men crying sexism over this is akin to the fallacy of "reverse racism". A privileged group (white people, men, brahman, etc) doesn't experience "isms". They can experience a reduction in their privilege as equity across groups increases. If you feel threatened or attacked by this practice sentence, check your male privilege.


you are out of your mind. leave your nonsense for elsewhere and take the sentences with a grain of salt


Can Admi be perceived as refering to one man if we used the verb parhata instead of parhate?


The reason I ask is because they don't accept it as valid.


Does it become singular or plural (man/men) depending on the verb conjugation? Or is there a difference between the terms for man and men?


is it हैं because of the men or is it because of the books


it's because of "men"


Where the object matters is in choosing the correct suffix to a possessive pronoun. But here everything must agree with the subject, not object.


i do not read books. i listen to audiobooks


What a chaotic comment section

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