"मेरा बेटा स्कूल नहीं जाता है।"

Translation:My son does not go to school.

July 19, 2018

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"My son is not going to the school". How matching is this answer to the above sentence?


"My son is not going to the school."

It is a kind of continuous tense verb.

The appropriate translation for this one would be:

मेरा बेटा स्कूल नहीं जा रहा है

As you see, the meaning differs slightly.


Oh. I see. well explained


I made same error. Thank you


My son does not go to school


I'm wondering if the general habit is to omit है at the end of negative sentences(like the majority of the other threads I read) or, as in this case, to use it. A bit confused on the actual use, anyone can help me understand? धन्यवाद


Before they said,"Every man goes to school". Now they say, "My son does not go to school".


No preposition is required in Hindi for स्कूल?


the verb जाना requires no prepositions, it means "to go to". So when you say "I go to school", all you need to say is मैं स्कूल जाता हूँ


Is there a better translation in Hindi for "school"? Maybe विद्यालय ?


True but it's almost never used in day to day Hindi.


Or पाठषाला


Should be पाठशाला


I am a little confused. This appears to be a negative sentence but "hai" is included at the end. This is different from other threads that I have seen where people post similar issues. Is either appropriate, or colloquial, or is there some nuance of the grammar that I am missing?


The 'hai' is optional in negative sentences. It is not wrong it include it.


Can somebody help me use uska and uski? why sometimes uska have been used when speaking about a girl?


You choose between 'uska' or 'uski' based on the gender of the word that follows it, i.e. the thing being possessed.
For example, both 'his son' and her son' would be 'uska beta' because 'beta' is masculine. Similarly, both 'his daughter' and 'her daughter' would be 'uski beti' because 'beti' is feminine.


I saw "boy" as an option on the clickable section, and some Americans call their kids "their boys" or "their boy". It might be better to exclude that option completely since it could be confusing. Also, a great Hindi course so far for an American-born desi like me, since I speak Gujarati and not Hindi.

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    why not use "paatshalaa" for school?


    The word "paatshala" does means school but it is not used in day to day Hindi


    Why is the है needed in the end? I thought when there is नहीं we don't need it


    My son does not go to school എന്താ ഇതിൽ തെറ്റ് എന്ന് പറയു my dear doulingo...... Hey if u guys donno malayalam i will translate it in english... My son does not go to school Which word is wrong here? Tell me my dear doulingo... Thats all


    എന്താണ് പ്രശ്നം സുഹൃത്തേ ? You wanna explain your problem? Maybe I can chip in some thoughts on it.


    My son does not go to school


    My son is not going to school

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