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"Včera jsme ho navštívily naposledy."

Translation:Yesterday we visited him for the last time.

July 19, 2018



Why is the ending -y? Ending -i is accepted, but marked as a typo. But isn't the ending -y only for groups of women, for groups of men and mixed groups it is -i? We just don't know anything about the group. It might be parents visiting their son...


Was it the audio exercise? If yes, please always mention that, always mention similar information in your reports.

I have disabled the audio exercise. In translation exercises all genders are accepted.


in this phrase is the verb "navstivily" past perfect aspect and the other option "navstevovali" past imperfect correct?


It is the perfect aspect vs. the imperfect aspect indeed.

And both are in the past tense, but that is not an aspect.


Great and very helpful !

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