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  5. "पहले आमिर वहाँ था ।"

"पहले आमिर वहाँ था "

Translation:Aamir was there earlier.

July 19, 2018



"Aamir was there earlier" not "their."


shouldn't 'first aamir was there be accepted'?


I’m confused about the use of pahale, it has been used in DL for “earlier”, “ago” and “first” (so far), so is it just a catch-all term, or are there ways of using the word to avoid ambiguity?


पहले is being used as an adverb in this sentence, so it can mean earlier or before. बहुत पहले means long ago. But when you're using it to mean "first" that is, as an adjective, usually it would have to agree with the noun it is referring to in gender and number. So, if you wanted to say "Neha was first" it would be पहली . सब से पहले is a adverbal phrase, however, which means "first of all" or "firstly". The main distinction is whether you are using this word as an adjective or adverb.


"Aamir was there first" was fine too... Duolingo's logic.


It can also be like aamer was their first or it can be like first Aamir was there


Why is 'Aamir was here before' incorrect? Can someone kindly explain. Thanks


वहाँ means there. If you wanted to say "here" it would be यहाँ


why पहले and not पहला?


The adverb always takes the form पहले. When used as an adjective, it can take the forms पहला/पहली/पहली depending on the gender and number of the noun it is modifying.

पहले आमिर वहाँ था = Aamir was there earlier
पहला आमिर वहाँ था = The first Aamir was there (used when there are multiple people named Aamir perhaps)


You have very deep knowledge in grammar amazing


he's probably a native speaker...

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