"चाय में चीनी कम है।"

Translation:The sugar is less in the tea.

July 19, 2018

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The English answer sounds ungrammatical.


Keep in mind that English is spoken differently all over the world. "The sugar is less in the tea" is perfect Indian English. However that doesn't mean they shouldn't accept other ways of expressing the same in English as spoken elsewhere.


If you use the word "less" in English, it has to be less than something. In this case, it's less sugar than ought to be in the tea. In other words, not enough. A far better translation would be, "There's not enough sugar in the tea." Here, "कम" is "too little," not "less."


I think I went with 'There's less sugar in the tea' - I imagined an unstated 'than there was last time'. Or it could be an answer to 'There's too much sugar in the coffee'.


"The tea doesn't have much sugar." would probably be how we say it in English. Or perhaps "The tea is not very sweet"


yes, this sounds like Indian English rather than Standard English. "There is not enough sugar in the tea" might be better. चाय में काफ़ी चीनी नहीं है ।


It is a literal translation.


Yes that's understandable but it's still grammatically incorrect in standard English. This course is supposed to be for English speakers, and I think a lot of people would find that translation odd and/or incorrect.


Haha glad you beat me to saying it


Standard English maybe. But this is Indian English, which has it's own character and conventions.


True. It's a tricky one because 'the English answer sounds ungrammatical' is a valid option in the report menu but Indian English, unlike say the English translations of the French phrases, is an evolved dialect in its own right. So long as we get as many valid translations on the database as possible, that's the main thing.


This course is not just for Indians, so it should be based on standard English.


"There's not a lot of sugar in the tea" would be correct here

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    Agree with many others, another accurate English translation would beeeee "There is little sugar in the tea."


    I speak Hindi, so if you want help, you can ask me.


    Should be "There is not enough english in the tea, sugar".

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