"चाँद रात में आता है ।"

Translation:The moon comes in the night.

July 19, 2018

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"The moon comes in the night." is overly literal. I would have said "The moon comes out at night."


"चाँद आना" is for the moon to rise, or the moon to come out—not to come.


why रात में and not रात को?


It's hard to be logical about postpositions. You just have to learn most of them.
I could write a whole paragraph about how inconsistent English prepositions are. ;)


I am currently learning Hindi from a native speaker/very well experienced Hindi teacher and I have learnt that with most of the time period words "ko" is used, "raat" being one of those said time periods. The ko can function as "at" or "in" in this instance, so I am fairly certain it should be "ko" used and not "में." Someone please let me know about this.

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