"कौन है?"

Translation:Who is there?

July 19, 2018

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I don't understand where the "there" comes from.


The translation of "Kaun Hai?" Normally is "Who is" but in English the two words "Who is* doesn't make any sense. So "there" is added to to sentence to explain the correct translation of hindi to english.


Can’t it be just ‘Who’?

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    I believe "Kaun?" by itself would be your sentence.


    Can this also mean 'Who are they?/Who is he?/Who is she?'

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      Jack, coming from a fallible decade-long Hindi learner, "Kaun hai?" can only mean "Who is [it]?"

      • To get these other sentences, you'd need to write "Ve [log] kaun hain?" = "Those [people] who are?" = "Who are they?"

      • "YEH kaun hai?" = who is THIS/he/she? (subject is near you).

      • "VAH kaun hai?" = who is THAT/she/he? (subject is not near you).

      • "VE kaun hain?" = Who are they [and] Who is s/he? ---> Ve is the plural of Vah. Plural is used in Hindi to honor the subject by literally speaking about them as if they were "more than 1" person.


      Is "who is?" a possible translation?

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        I agree. And "Who is?" COULD be mistaken as an incomplete sentence, but it's a real response to something like, "They're going to fly today." - - - "...WHO is?"


        No, because that's not a grammatically correct/meaningful English sentence. On the other hand, I believe this is a correct Hindi sentence.


        It could be वे कौन है?


        Who is there means waha kaun hai and who is means kaun hai so the wright answer is who is


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