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ँ symbol

Hi everyone! I started to learn Hindi letters today. Firstly Lovely Thanks to the HINDI TEAM!

My question is that I saw m letter before. It was really a letter. But this little sign makes m sound too. What's the difference and when do we use it?

Thank you.. :)

July 19, 2018



The moon-dot (candrabindu) indicates the nasalization of the previous vowel. It "is replaced in writing by anusvār [the lone dot] when it is written above a consonant that carries a vowel symbol that extends above the top line."
Cf: हूँ [ɦũ] "am", but हैं [ɦɛ̃] "are". "Some writers and typesetters dispense with the "moon" stroke altogether, using only the dot in all situations." (Wikipedia).
Remember also that schwa syllables are syncopated in Hindi, unlike Sanskrit. So, ma becomes m at the end of words (and in certain other contexts): for instance, राम is rām (not rāma).

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