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  5. "Julia has eight cats."

"Julia has eight cats."

Translation:जूलिया के पास आठ बिल्लियाँ हैं।

July 19, 2018



Because the के applies to पास, not to the cats. Think of के पास as its own saying. It roughly translating to "near"


That's why you should spay or neuter your pets.


Does this literally translate as "Julia has eight cats near her"?


It CAN mean what you said.

However at first glance or listen, most Hindi speakers would take it to mean - Julia has/owns eight cats.


Yes, more or less.

जूलिया (Juilia) के पास (near) आठ बिल्लियाँ (eight cats) हैं (are)


why not ki instead of ke as cats are feminine


When do we know when to use पास and when to omit it in sentences like this? I thought it was living things vs inanimate objects.


People vs. non-people I think


Where can I find the double l in बिल्लियाँ on the Hindi keyboard? I've been looking for ages!


Type the first ल then a halant (this may or may not render correctly depending on your font: ् - often shown as a dotted circle, then the halant, a 'backwards comma' type mark beneath it) and then another ल। The halant removes the 'inherent vowel' (that which makes it 'la') in the first, joining it to the second as ('lla'), you can then add whatever मात्रा to both together ('lli').

More info: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Halant

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