"Neha buys a letter."

Translation:नेहा चिट्ठी ख़रीदती है ।

July 19, 2018

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This strikes me as an odd sentence. Does Neha collect old letters? Does she comb thrift stores and estate sales looking for others' old correspondence? If so, cool :) Everyone's got their own hobbies. But this is what I'm picturing, anyway.


This is a sentence for the older members who remember days in India when you bought an Airmail letter which included the stamp from the P.O. which enabled you to write that long overdue letter back home.


is neha writing a letter back to julia or


I think she's playing Wheel of Fortune :-) But I'm kidding. 'Chitti' is not a letter of the alphabet.


This is the longest verb we've had yet -at least it stands out so we can remember it!


And the sound is not correct. Reported. It should be Khareed-ti not Kharee-da-ti.


Please confirm this pronunciation.


It is not a good sentence


Sometimes the kh in the verb is shown with the dot and sometimes not; is it kind-of optional, or regional maybe?


It indicates an optional pronunciation of /x/ (a velar fricative: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Voiceless_velar_fricative). This word was originally pronounced with this sound in Persian (this is a loanword from Persian), so some people may consider this more "proper." You can also just pronounce it as an aspirated /kʰ/.

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