"वह सेब बड़ा है ।"

Translation:That apple is big.

July 19, 2018

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But what does this have to do with Animals? That's the section that I'm currently in


I think that this sentence could be translated "That is a big apple".


Your sentence should rather be "वह एक बड़ा सेब है," I think. I can't quite explain the difference though. Sorry. :(


I think aei_kei is correct; you have two different things here: '[vo seb] baRaa hai' = "[that apple] big is" 'vo [ek baRaa seb] hai' = "that [a big apple] is" Note in the second sentence that modifying adjectives come before nouns in Hindi, just like in English.


It literally translates to- वह एक बड़ा सेब है। Though both means the same, just the order of words fit better.


I have a question: the letter "ड़" (as in, for example, "बड़ा") is sometimes pronounced like an "r" (which sounds (to me) like the Spanish "r") and is sometimes pronounced like an "l". Are both ways to pronounce that letter ("r" or "l") interchangeable?


ड़, pronounced "ɽə", is a "retroflex flap." The Spanish "r", just like "र" is, pronounced "ɾ"; they are both "alveolar flaps." However, I am not sure how to explain what exactly makes "ड़" different from "ɾ."

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