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  5. "ये मेरी माँ हैं।"

"ये मेरी माँ हैं।"

Translation:This is my mother.

July 19, 2018



I assume this is using the plural to show respect for mothers/fathers/adults. Would this only be used in front of your mother, or would it change if pointing to a picture of her? यह मेरी माँ है।...


For the first part, think of मेरी माँ being replaced with आप. Then the हैं is just agreeing with the आप. I know it's a bit weird, especially because in other languages, like French and Spanish, you tend to use 'tu' or be informal with your family. However, as emrys29 points out, people can use आप or be formal with whomever they want in Hindi. The general rule is that if someone is older than you, you should use आप, but sometimes even my parents use आप with me.


Thanks for the reply, I'm surprised that parents use आप with their children! Does that show emotional distance, or respect once their children have grown up?


It can be used anywhere you want to show respect. There is no restriction. You can even use it on little children if you want , either to show love or even sarcasm!


"This is my mom" was not accepted.


It is plural but in singular. I thought in plural these are my mothers, in singular we can say *Yah meri maa hai.,


Thank you for your explanations. They are very interesting. May i use ji with a great musician more younger than me, by respect ? I am french excuse me for my bad English.

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