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  5. "तू पीटर है।"

"तू पीटर है।"

Translation:You are Peter.

July 19, 2018



My fiance, who was born and raised in India, reccomends that this app teach us to use the formal word for you, "aap". He said the word "aap" is more respectful.


True. And even in informal situations, "तुम ... हो" (tum ... ho) is better. "तू" is just downright rude in many parts of India.


Yes . It (आप ) is used in more formal and official situations .


true. but one should learn grammar properly, regardless of habits and politeness. when teaching by a teacher it can be a side note. here not as it is always in question-answer format.


This has been an unexpected joy for me, to experience such complete concordance between the spelling and the pronunciation. Plus additional realisation of how useless English spelling is.


Again tu is rude and aap is better


... And upon this Rock


I was thinking it and hoping someone said it! Every time I answer this question I think of the rest of the sentence lol


"...and upon this rock I will build my Church."


Where does the second “e” come in in Peter? To me it seems like it should be Petr, unless r by itself assumes the er sound


I suppose you are referring to the transliteration of पीटर in English. As Peter is already a name with a widely-accepted spelling, there is no different way to translate the Hindi word into English with a different spelling. As far as the word पीटर is concerned, it is spelt in Hindi the way an Indian ear perceives the pronunciation of the word "Peter", where the second vowel sound is a part of the second syllable: Pee-Tuhr. So, the second 'e' sound materialises with 'ट' (t) in पीर. :)


Maybe if you dong wanna use aap then this is another way u can say it: Tum Peter ho


As an Indian, I'd recommend using आप instead of तू. तू is usually used with close friends or younger siblings but is rude to acquaintances, strangers and elders. But if you use आप, you have to end the sentence with हैं instead of है because it adds respect. So, in a pyramid of formality आप is the most formal way of conversing तुम is informal but respectful to use with people of the same age or younger तू is straight up informal and not respectful at all, but close friends dont mind


You know what...

I keep hearing You drink


Yeah, the difference between the retroflex and dental consonants are so hard for me to hear


I listen for the trailing r to tell them apart.


Now i know whois peter


Please update तु to तुम . तु very rude.


Just curious, why is तु rude?


I also learn English

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