"Why does she study?"

Translation:वह क्यों पढ़ती है?

July 19, 2018

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Got this question wrong two times before figuring out correct order. It is challenging.


There's no correct order. I don't know why but Duolingo chooses to not allow other word orders. Hindi has a super flexible word order.

वह क्यों पढ़ती है? क्यों पढ़ती है वह? पढ़ती क्यों है वह? क्यों है पढ़ती वह? क्यों है वह पढ़ती?

These are some of the most common word orders you'll hear in coloquial speech and writing. All mean the same thing but the possibly the emphasis is different in each sentence.

Learn this order that Duolingo teaches but always keep in mind that Hindi is almost a word order free language.

  1. While the first three make valid sentences, the last two don't.
  2. The placement of the question word allows subtle differences in the emphasis about the thing in question, which a native can understand given the intonation of the sentence.
  3. For example... your first sentence is typically straight question... why does she study? Your second and third sentences lay emphasis on padhti.... meaning why does she "study"... as in she can do something else instead.

Similar is the case with your kya examples

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    Is it acceptable to put "kyon" first?

    "Kyon voh parti hai?"


    No, it is grammatically incorrect. :) All question words need to be placed after the subject!

    The only instances where a question word is placed at the beginning is when it is not a direct What/Why/Where/Who/How question. And the only question word used in such a situation is "क्या" (typically used for "what?"). That is the correct sentence structure for such indirect questions. For example, "क्या वह पढ़ती है?" - "Does she study?" Here "क्या" is used to make a question out of "वह पढ़ती है" - "She studies", and not for anything related to "what".


    Your right saying that the sentence is ungrammatical but your reasoning is completely wrong here.

    The position of the question words is "before the verb" and not "after the subject".

    वह क्या पढ़ती है? वह पढ़ती क्या है?

    Both these sentences are correct and mean the same thing. And you can see the question word is always before the verb.

    Read yes-no question on Wikipedia. It has explained this about Hindi.


    Thank you so much.


    Is it only me that Doulingo doesn't ask me to repeat something as speaking exercises till the end of this level?


    Do you mean you speak and it is corrected? I have been on here for years and did not know you could do that. How do i access the speaking section?


    Years, really? Many of the other lessons I have practiced have speaking as part of the course, such as Portuguese, or Russian, for example. I have not seen it for Hindi yet either, but it would be nice. I regret that I can not fathom how to help you further as it just appeared in the other language lessons. I pray that there is hope as above, wish I could have been more help.


    Go into Settings and enable Speaking Exercises and Listening Exercises. I'm learning 7 languages and they All have Speaking Exercises, except Hindi. So far, I've completed 3/4 of the Hindi Tree to Level 5, and the remainder to Level 3, but no Speaking Exercises, yet. They would be quite helpful.


    I typed kya instead of kyo and I got it wrong but I don't understand why it's wrong


    It is wrong because kyā (क्या) means what, but Duo wanted why, which is kyoṇ (क्यों).


    Voh padhti kyon hain? - is it not correct? If so, why?


    This is used in an insulting manner sometimes. It's just the language. For example, "voh padthi kyu hai Akir"[why does she read afterall]. Voh kyu padthi hair is likely a genuine question you are making her.


    Its not correct because if you form it in English it is like why does study she............ So that is why


    What question is this?............who I will not want to study without a reason??..... That's silly........... Little weird but ok.............


    Usko padhna hai to tera kya ja rha hai bhai? -_-


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