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  5. "Why does she study?"

"Why does she study?"

Translation:वह क्यों पढ़ती है?

July 19, 2018



Is it acceptable to put "kyon" first?

"Kyon voh parti hai?"


No, it is grammatically incorrect. :) All question words need to be placed after the subject!

The only instances where a question word is placed at the beginning is when it is not a direct What/Why/Where/Who/How question. And the only question word used in such a situation is "क्या" (typically used for "what?"). That is the correct sentence structure for such indirect questions. For example, "क्या वह पढ़ती है?" - "Does she study?" Here "क्या" is used to make a question out of "वह पढ़ती है" - "She studies", and not for anything related to "what".


Thank you so much.


Got this question wrong two times before figuring out correct order. It is challenging.


Is it only me that Doulingo doesn't ask me to repeat something as speaking exercises till the end of this level?


What question is this?............who I will not want to study without a reason??..... That's silly........... Little weird but ok.............


Is "voh kyun padh rahi hei?" the same?


It is not the same because - "voh kyun padh rahi hei" = "why is she studyING?"

  • The difference is "why does she study" shows a habitual action.
  • Whereas "studyING" shows an action is happening in the present moment.

Hope that helps you.


Actually, the explanation above helps...use qua first when it is an indirect question...and second when it is direct question. Am I getting this right?


What a silly question ...... a person studys for his/her carrer.


That's very true, but there are instances where we might study for spiritual progress, or with hobby or music...

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